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Sat, Dec. 15th, 2012, 01:13 pm
How many will it take?

First, a hat tip to McThag for the legal links.

I'm really getting sick of the widespread inability to learn from experience, no matter the cost. This time, it's twenty dead at an elementary school in Connecticut. Listen up, you blood-stained dumbasses: we tried it your way, and it doesn't work. It can't work. It will never work. How many children have to die before you figure that out?

I don't give a wet shit what you intended. The reality is that 'gun-free' zones don't do anything but summon the monsters, and give them every advantage. Hey, that's more than 'assault weapon' bans accomplish. I'm sure it felt really good, sticking it to the hated NRA with those. Congratulations, it's a massacre!

News flash: criminals break laws. It's why we call them criminals. You should have learned this during Prohibition. You should have learned this during The War On Drugs. If your reaction to this horror is to imagine that we can solve the problem by just making mass murder even more illegaller than before, pull your head out. Also, stop voting!