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Thu, Oct. 10th, 2013, 06:38 pm
Maybe we should have some mercy for the people; it is a very busy site, right?

And you can see how busy they are, at As of this writing,'s US ranking is 381, which means that only 380 other sites are busier. I'll list a few of those amazing powerhouses, to show what the puny United States federal government is up against:

Verizon, at 368. They're in the business of selling internet access, so of course they can handle a big load.
Walgreens, at 350. You know, the drugstore chain.
Toys Я Us, at 347. The toystore. A frelling TOY STORE can handle a heavier load than the signature accomplishment of Our Beloved God-King! If you want to buy a Twilight Sparkle night light, private industry can accommodate you, but try to buy the insurance that the fed pointing a gun at your head commands you to buy? No can do. And the toystore actually has to have a room somewhere in which they keep a stash of actual night lights; insurance just needs money and record-keeping.

I thought Barry's Bozos needed to consult with IBM, or some other computer industry heavyweight. I didn't realize that they'd benefit from the insights of Ray-Ray The Armed Robber.

Yo, like, check it. When you stick a gat in they face and be all like "Watch and wallet, bitch! Phone and jewelry, in the damn bag!", you gots to already have a damn bag to put that stuff in. Oh, yeah, not just have the bag, but have it on you, knowwhatI'msayin?

Okay, what I said about mercy in the subject line? Yeah, no. It's not the load, it's the incompetence. Your agonizer, Mister Obama. Your agonizer, please.

Fri, Oct. 11th, 2013 12:13 am (UTC)

I couldn't agree more. And, of course, the government taking over a huge, huge segment of the economy will work perfectly. The mainstream media says so, and we all know that the mainstream media is never, ever wrong. After all, what the mainstream media says is the Party line, and the Party line is set by the Party, which is the source of all wisdom and knowledge.

I will allow freely as how our current system has run costs utterly out of control. I would say that the vast majority of that comes from nobody in the system having any incentive to cut costs---most people get insurance via their employers (not so much after Obamacare becomes the law of the land!) and never notice it; the employers can take it off their taxes, and if the hospital/care bills go up, the insurance companies adjust things and All Is Coolness. Of course, for those forced to pay out-of-pocket, this can become a nightmare...but who cares about them? Combine this with the mania for malpractice suits (in the old days, people were more willing to accept that sometimes, things would go wrong, but between a change of attitude on that front and changes in the laws making it much easier to sue, as well as our idiotic way of letting such suits be decided by juries of laymen eager to enrich some poor "victim," things have spun badly out of control there, too) and you have a recipe for absolutely soaring costs...hospitals and doctors order more and more expensive tests to cover their collective asses from lawsuits.