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Simulation Output

It’s come up more than once: how big a patch of sky is that long-exposure astrophoto showing? I just realized that I have the tool needed to answer that: Stellarium, available free for Mac, Windows and Linux.

In all of the following screenshots, the red rectangle is (if the dimensions I found on the net are correct) the view that a Micro Four Thirds camera (a mirrorless standard used by Panasonic and Olympus) would get through a telescope with a focal length of 1250mm. I only entered the dimensions once, so even if I got it wrong, it’s still consistent.

The Moon:

M31 (the Andromeda Galaxy):

M42 (the Orion Nebula):
Orion Nebula.png

Earth, as seen from the Apollo 11 site (yes, if the scope and camera worked in vacuum, get off my back):
Earth from the Moon.png
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