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„Antifa” bedeutet wirklich „Neufa”

“Antifascist” really means “new fascist”. Sorry, I tend to slip into German whenever the topic of Nazis comes up.

This past Wednesday, a gay, ethnically Jewish man (allegedly a “white nationalist”, even though real white nationalists call him things like “race mixing ass raping faggot Jew kike bitch[footnote 1]) went to the University of California at Berkeley to speak. His ideas are not popular at the place so famous for being the home of the free speech movement, so his opponents held their own rally, where they marched with signs and slogans and counterarguments. You know, meeting words with words, in the best traditions of civilized human beings with differing opinions.


Nah, I’m just fucking with you. These are Antifa and Black Bloc anarchists; they lit fires, smashed windows, robbed ATMs, and beat people with clubs. They reenacted Krystallnacht while pretending that their victims were the real Nazis. They are savages, unfit to shine Mr. Yiannopoulos’s shoes. With their tongues. Starting on the soles. After he walks through a cow pasture.

[footnote 1]: Don’t come crying to me if following that link makes you want to puke. What did you think you were going to find there, civilized human beings with a microgram of decency between them?
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